We are excited to add the NEW beautiful GREAT PARK SPORTS COMPLEX, Irvine to our list of fields we play at!

IMPORTANT INFO – Great Park Sports Complex is brand new and a little tricky to get there – ONLY use the directions below as the specific address is pending and Google needs to be updated and will take you to a generic location. Please share with Parents.

  • EXTRA TIME = Make sure to allow extra time (20+ minutes) as it is little tricky to get there. Look for the BIG ORANGE BALLOON to help and follow the Great Park signs
  • USE THESES MAPS Sports Complex Map &  Google Map to Great Park Tennis Complex Parking Lot 5 – playing on the Baseball fields right next to it – use Parking Lot 6 – Great Park Blvd. > Skyhawk
  • PICTURES/INFO = Here are some pictures/info/articles to appreciate this great complex! =)
  • USAGE VARIES BY EVENT = While we are excited to add the new Great Park Sports Complex, usage of fields and stadium will vary by event. We are hoping to use the Stadium and other 3 baseball fields for the #1Firecracker (pending confirmation). We will be determine usage by event as permits are given as well as being cost effective for the event.

Thank you for being part of USA PREMIER BASEBALL FAMILY! GOOD LUCK!