USAPB History

 USA Premier Baseball Tournament History 

Congratulations to all the Champions and Runners Up!

Below is the tournament history being compiled.  We have grown and strive to get even better each year. Please let us know if you are aware of any history gaps.

See some of Big Leaguer Alumni who have attended the USA Premier Baseball tournaments…

Year Champion Runner-Up
2017 18u Southern Nevada Baseball Navy 18u Club All Star
2017 17u Danville Hoots Prospects 17u OC Premier
2017 16u Co-Champion So Cal Bombers 1 16u Co-Champion Club All Star
2017 15u Play Hard Baseball 15u CBA Wave
2017 14u CBA Dirtbags 14u Encinitas Grinders
2016 18U Colton Nighthawks (CA) 18U All Star Baseball Academy (AZ)
2016 17U Club All Star 17U South Bay Saints
2016 16U ABD Bulldogs 16U Bercovich 24 – Athan
2016 15U Hoots Baseball Prospect 15U Phenom TX
2016 14U El Monte Dukes 14U Tomateros De California
2015 18U Southern California Renegades 18U Trosky Baseball
2015 17U All Star Baseball Academy 2017 17U TC Saints
2015 16U Academy Select Sun Devils 16U Chico Aces
2015 15U Cleats Pilots 15U Texas D1 Nation
2015 14U Big Island Baseball 14U Brushback Baseball
2014 18U Saddleback Devils 18U Canyon Thunder
2014 17U CBA Marucci 2016 17U CBA Bulldogs
2014 16U NorCal Sacramento 16U Watsonville Aggies 16
2014 15U So Cal Bombers 2017 15U Slammers
2013 18U So Cal Bombers 6 18U TBA
2013 16U Elite Baseball Training Chicago 16U Arizona Athletics
2013 15U TBA 15U TBA
2012 18U So Cal Outlaws 18U Blue Wave
2012 17U Impact Players 17U Sacrameto Stingers
2012 16U San Diego Gamers 16U So Cal Bombers
2011 18U San Diego Gamers 18U ASD Bulldogs
2011 17U Arizona Diamondbacks 17U So Cal Outlaws
2011 16U Arizona Valley Dogs 16U All Star Baseball Academy
2010 18U Arizona Firebirds 18U Green Valley Gators
2010 16U Colton Nighthawks 16U Blue Wave
2009 18U California Arsenal 18U Southern California Outlaws
2008 18U California Smoke 18U CenCal Baseball
2007 18U Colton Nighthawks 18U Los Angeles Rhinos
2006 18U RBI Thunder 18U Arizona Firebirds
2005 18U Riverside Pirates 18U Southern California Renegades
2004 18U Southern California Renegades
2003 18U Delta Indians 18U Stanislaus Heat
2002 18U ABD Bulldogs
2001 18U Colton Nighthawks 18U Southern California Renegades
2000 18U Southern California Renegades
1999 18U Southern California Renegades 18U San Diego Gamers
1998 18U Orange County Cubs 18U Los Angeles Rhinos
1997 18U Southern California Renegades 18U Long Beach Astros
1996 18U San Diego Gamers 18U K. C. Chapman Texas
1995 18U San Diego Aztecs 18U Southern California Renegades
Year Champion Runner-Up
2013 18U Blue Wave 18U Southern California Renegades
2013 16U Team Phenom 16U Santa Clarita Show
2012 18U Southern California Renegades 18U Rip Baseball
2012 16U SCBA Patriots Champions 16U So Cal Baseball Runner
2011 18U Southern California Renegades 18U ASD Bulldogs SW
2011 16U So Cal Renegades 16U So Cal Outlaws
2010 Rained Out
2009 Southern California Renegades San Diego Show
2008 Southern California Renegades ABD Boxers
2007 Southland Shockers OC Baseball
2006 Southern California Renegades San Gabriel Valley Arsenal
2005 San Gabriel Valley Arsenal Southern California Renegades
Year Champion Runner-Up
2011 Southern California Renegades Southern Cal Outlaws
2012 Southern California Renegades Blue Baseball
2012 Cal Knights Broncos – 16u SC Outlaws 2
Year Champion Runner-Up
2011 & 2012 N/A – Future events to be determined as have partnered with other World Series organizations to send top USA Premier Baseball Teams to compete
2010 18U Elite Baseball 18U So Cal Outlaws
2010 16U So Cal Bombers 16U San Diego Falcons Blue


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