Note: Please Check The Website To Ensure Latest Rules Version Before Event Begins

USA Premier Baseball uses American League Rules, Sporting News Edition (with modification listed)

 These rules are the official rules under which all USAPB tournament and league games will be played. In the event of any confusion, conflicts or disagreement of any rules or regulation include herein, the decision of the Rules Committee is final and binding.

NOTE:  By registering, paying and/or playing in the USA Premier Baseball event, the Team Organization and Head Coach acknowledges and assumes all responsibility to ensure compliance manage to the following terms and conditions as outline below:

  1. MANDATORY PROOF OF TEAM INSURANCE (See minimum Requirements HERE) AND USA PREMIER BASEBALL ENDORSEMENT (Below) 3 weeks before playing in any USA Premier Baseball event. Please email to Additional Insured / Endorsement Wording >>>==> USA Premier Baseball members and representatives
    15592 Producer Lane, Huntington Beach CA 92649
  2. MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECK & SEXUAL MISCONDUCT PREVENTION – Following USA Baseball and AABC requirements, USA Premier Baseball has instituted a zero-tolerance policy as it relates to sexual misconduct, mandatory reporting, emotional and physical misconduct, and abuse awareness. 1) MANDATORY: All coaches / volunteers are required to submit a background check to be allowed on the field > PURCHASE BELOW $19.95 or SUBMIT EXISTING – THANK YOU!!!
    2)REQUIRED COMPLIANCE: USA Premier Baseball Youth Protection Guidelines and Policies — INCLUDES NATIONAL COMPLIANCE & TRAINING RESOURCES
    National Safe 4 Athletes Sexual Abuse PreventationBe Aware and Recognize the Grooming Behaviors of Sexual Predators
  3. USA Premier Baseball’s Tournament and League Rules (BELOW)
  4. National SmartTeams Head Injury Safety Center – Concussion Protocols and RETURN TO PLAY. If a concussion is suspected the player is required to leave the game immediately. The player can only return after at least 24 hours and with written clearance from a licensed physician before being allowed to return to play

We greatly appreciate your compliance and support in making USA Premier Basebasell well run leagues and tournaments for all to enjoy!


Official Tournament and Leagues Terms and Conditions

1. FEES: Deposit must be received at time of registration and full payment must be received one month before event to secure team spot. Waiting list will be activated after that period or when notified – 1st paid, 1st secured. Teams not fully paid will be dropped. Deposits are non-refundable and any balance will be applied as a credit for future events – unless event is cancelled due to public safety, then full refunds will be issued.

Use our Online Payment Options(PREFERRED) Venmo = @USAPremier Gina Pettrow / Zelle = / PayPal friends and family = or MAIL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER  must be received 3 weeks in advance TO: USA Premier Baseball – 15592 Producer Lane, Huntington Beach, California 92649 Phone: 714-373-0130 or 714-292-6936


2.1 INTEGRITY OF TEAMS AND PLAYERS: Each coach takes full responsibility to ensure compliance of players (age and amateur status) and the tournament rules are met. If there are questions, please consult with the tournament director and have resolved prior to the tournament.  If there are any issues, Team will forfeit game and will be ineligible for playoffs.

2.2 TEAM INSURANCE: Each team must provide proof of insurance two weeks prior to league or tournament or what email notification due date indicated.  Insurance to be underwritten by “A” rated or above insurance underwriters with liability and excess accident insurance is mandatory to participate in any USA Premier Baseball event. It is the responsibility of the head coach to ensure compliance.  Non-receipt of proof of insurance will result in team being dropped and deposit non-refundable. Note:  If your team does not have insurance, we recommend to use American Specialty Insurance (approx $130/team and good for a year from when you purchase it) or use whoever you want. =) Thank you!


The goal is to get as many players visibility and play a great game. Appreciate you putting in your rosters as we have college coaches and scouts following and accessing our portal. HAVE FUN! =)

  • NEW PLAYER ELIGIBILITY RULE >>> To help with the covid impacts and get as many players eligible for visibility, those Tournament that are based upon “AGE“, we are expanding to include players for that AGE’s Grad Year

    2022 EXAMPLE: The #1Firecracker 16u Division would have participating 16U Team’s player eligibility to include those players fitting one of the following scenarios: 1) The player AGE is 16 years old OR YOUNGER on or before May 1st regardless of the year graduating OR  2) The player may be older, but is graduating in the “normal” 16 year old’s Sophmore GRAD YEAR of 2024 

    FOR THE YEAR 2022 —> GRAD YEAR LEGEND: 18u = SENIOR / Grad Year 2022, 17u = JUNIOR / Grad Year 2023, 16u = SOPHMORE Grad Year 2024, 15u = FRESHMAN / Grad Year 2025, 14u = Grad 2026, 13u = Grad 2027, 12u = Grad 2028, 11u = Grad 2029, 10u = Grad 2030, 9u Grad 2031 —–> The next year 2023+ would shift Grad Year appropriately…. 
    Note: #1Firecracker NATIONAL DIVISION goes by GRAD YEAR ONLY and NOT by age.

  • OPEN ROSTER / NO PLAYER LIMIT – CAN UPDATE THROUGHOUT tournament – Want to get visibility to as many players as possible
  • SHARE PLAYERS Across DIFFERENT Age Levels Teams: You CAN have player on DIFFERENT age level teams – CANNOT share WITHIN SAME age level teams e.g., 16 year old player can be on an 17U team AND a 16U team, however, can NOT be on two different 16U teams.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and teams HAVE been protested against and disqualified / forfeited because of breaking this rule.
  • Player on Duplicate Rosters – Should any player appear on duplicate rosters (which should not happen), the team he first plays for, either offensively or defensively, is the team he must play with for the remainder of the tournament.
  • Player MUST be on LINEUP SHEET BEFORE game starts for #1Firecracker and “QUALIFIER” tournaments – If any player is not on the LINEUP SHEET before the game and the game is protested, it will be an automatic forfeit if protested NOTE: It is the Coaches responsibility to know the rules and if determined needed, protest any issue BEFORE the game is completed. If it is brought up after the game ends, then would be for awareness and the tournament directors will deal with it separately with no adjustments of game results.  ONLY Age infractions, Missing Player on Game LINEUP, Illegal Players Shared, Baseball Rules and initial draft roster deadline that are raised as official protests will be upheld for the #1Firecracker. 
  • ROSTER VISIBILITY – To help promote the players, the roster will be available real time on the USA Premier Baseball public website (no player or coach contact info is shared.) Also promoting players through a special secured Scout Portal for our credentialed national network of College Coaches and MLB Scouts to search and follow players.
  • COLLEGE COACHES AND SCOUTS:  We will be sending out emails to 3,000 College Coaches and Scouts before and during tournament – Please keep your roster updated. The #1Firecracker averages 90 to 150 college recruiters and scouts each year.
  • RECOMMENDATION: To ensure your team is scouted, have players and/or coaches contact interested College or MLB Scouts and let them know you are playing in the tournament. Print updated Rosters and put in fence for each game for the College Coaches and Scouts. Thank you!
  • Potential Player Eligibility Protest – The public and other teams / fans closely follow who is on the roster for eligibility as well as whether roster due dates were met.  Be aware of official protests for non-compliance rules – Refer to Official Protest Process Rule 20. Thank you for your support with this. The main thing to be concerned about regarding player eligibility: When a player steps on the field, is he eligible with age or grad year and/or that he HASN’T played in another team at the SAME EVENT AGE LEVEL/GRAD YEAR. If those one of things aren’t met, then the COACH is able to protest if he/she chooses, but needs to do it immediately – NOT after the game.

LEAGUE: Rosters are optional, however strongly considered open rosters to showcase talent with the ability to add players at any time during the league.  Roster compliance:

      • OPEN Roster – No Player Limit – CAN UPDATE THROUGHOUT league – Want to get visibility to as many players as possible
      • Player Age = Players must be the appropriate age on or before May 1st, e.g., player was 16 years old on May 1st and turned 17 on May 2nd – He would be eligible to play on the 16U, 17U and 18U 
      • Share Across DIFFERENT Age Levels Teams – CAN have player on DIFFERENT age level teams – CANNOT share WITHIN SAME age level teams e.g., a 16 year old can be on an 17U team AND a 16U team, however, can NOT be on two different 16U teams.  
      • Should any player appear on duplicate rosters (which should not happen), the team he first plays for, either offensively or defensively, is the team he must play with for the remainder of the league.
      • College Coaches and Scouts – Will be sending out emails to 3,000 College Coaches and Scouts – Please keep updated
      • Recommendation – Print updated Rosters and put in fence for each game for the College Coaches and Scouts. Thank you!
      • Note:  If the team qualifies to proceed to an AABC playoff, a final roster will need to be created.


FIRECRACKER TOURNAMENT: The Winning team to submit scores immediately after game using by the using the official “Coaches Dugout” (WHICH IS 1ST OPTION REQUIRED – id and password required) if absolutely unable to access, then submit online score tracker, or email: (note: teams, age, field, time and scores) NOTE: If scores are not received within 1 hour – the game will be considered a LOSS for BOTH teams. This is important as the standings are live and winners need to be determine for next rounds. Thank you!

LEAGUES: Winning team to submit scores by that game night by using the official “Coaches Dugout” (id and password required – questions? contact: )


TOURNAMENT:  #1Firecracker – We encourage teams to keep either a scorebook / iScore / GameChanger —> can link team’s iScore & GameChanger to their team in the Coaches Dugout and it will show on the schedule for everyone to follow =) Scorebook is “required” for those levels that are receiving an AABC Regional or World Series berths, the team must keep a Scorebook along with potential special rules apply that may apply to the winning team of Firecracker tournament. Other Tournaments – is encouraged, but not required.

LEAGUES: All teams considering to eligible AABC State Playoffs, if they win the USAPB league level, must keep a Scorebook to be in compliance with AABC regulations.


TOURNAMENT: There is a 4 game guarantee for pool play.  The 1st and 2nd place teams for each division will proceed to the playoffs.  Playoff games are single elimination.  Fall Classic is considered a showcase only and does not have championship playoff.

USA PREMIER BASEBALL – Official Game Rules

3. BASEBALLS: Each team is required to provide 3 game balls to the Umpire in Chief at the exchange of line-up cards – Official high school quality or better. It is your responsibility to return foul balls from your side of the field. If the umpires need more baseballs, each team is required to provide one each, beginning with the home team first, until the foul balls are returned. For the Firecracker Classic tournament baseballs will be provided at the mandatory Coaches Meeting. Note: Due to travel and potential games being played prior to the meeting, please ensure you have balls to potentially play the earlier games and also have a representative at the Mandatory coaches meeting to receive baseball provided.

4. MINIMUM PLAYERS: If a team has at least 8 players, the game will start at game time. The 9th position in the batting order will be left blank, and when the spot comes up in the batting order it will be an automatic out. If the 9th player arrives prior to the 5th inning, he/she will be placed in the batting order as the 9th batter and will complete the game under standard game rules. If a team cannot field 9 players by the completion of 4-1/2 innings the game will be considered forfeiture.

5. HOME TEAM: A coin flip prior to the game shall determine home and visiting team. If same teams play twice, then they will switch being home and visiting team. If a team with less than 9 players is listed to be the home team, then home team will revert to the team with a minimum of 9 players. For elimination rounds, the higher seeded team will be home unless the two teams are of equal seeding, then the coin flip will be used



  • #1Firecracker and other tournaments: 7 innings.
    • No new inning will start after 2 hours 10 min.
    • 8 Run Mercy Rule after 5 innings ENFORCED
    • Playoff Bracket games have no time limit – must have winner.

LEAGUE:  Collegiate, 18u and 16u play 9 innings and 14u play 7 innings  – No new inning will start after 2 hours 25 min.  

  • No new inning will start after 2 hours 40 min. Note: If you haven’t reached your time limit, you can continue to play until time limit.
  • 10 Run Mercy Rule after 7 innings ENFORCED

7. SPEED UP RULE: A runner is allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time with any player on your roster who is not already in the game. If a team has only 9 players then you can run with your last out.

8. INTENTIONAL WALKS: Tell the Plate Umpire that you want to walk the batter – NO PITCH TO THE BATTER IS NECESSARY.

9. DESIGNATED HITTER: The designated hitter is optional but can only be used for the pitcher; refer to rule 6.10 of Sporting News Official Baseball Rules.

10. EXTRA HITTER: Optional extra hitter (EH) will be allowed for any amount in the batter line-up, but he must be on the line-up card exchanged at the pre-game plate conference. He may not be added once the game commences. The EH may enter defensively at any time, in any position, but must remain in the same spot in the batting order. The line-up must stay for all batters for the entire game.

11. RE-ENTRY: High School Re-entry rule is allowed.

12. EJECTION: In the event a player, coach or manager is ejected from the game, the individual must leave the dugout for the remainder of that game. The Rules Committee, who has the authority to impose additional game suspensions, will review all ejections.

13. PITCHING RULES: There are no maximum innings during a tournament.


15. UNIFORM CODE: All players, coaches, and managers must be in uniform while on the field for this event. Note:  We strongly suggest that coaches are in full uniform as we strive to produce the best quality events and high standard baseball reputation. If absolutely required to wear shorts (again, strongly discourage), then ensure to wear Team Jersey and Hat.  Appreciate your compliance with provide the most professional representation of your team to large following of college coaches, scouts and fans. Cleats = Metal cleats are authorized with the EXCEPTION if they are playing on an artificial turf fields which would include Orange Coast College, Irvine College and East LA College

16. BATS: We are a WOOD bat organization for leagues and tournaments = ANY Type of “WOOD” bat is acceptable. FOR AGES 9u to 14u = ANY Type of “Wood” Bat AND/OR ANY METAL BAT IS ACCEPTABLE =) Special Note:  AABC will have different wood bat regulation to be aware of once proceeding to participate in their AABC sponsored playoffs.

17. FORFEITURE: Forfeiture will have occurred if a team cannot field 9 players from its official team roster by completion of 4-1/2 innings. The forfeiture score awarded will be 7 to 0.  We encourage the coaches to play sharing team players as needed, but the game will be considered a forfeiture.

18. RAIN/GAME MODIFICATIONS: We will do our best to make sure all games are played according to schedule. In case of rain, games will be shortened to 5 innings or 1 hour 45 minutes. If a game still cannot be completed within that time limit, the game will be cancelled and not rescheduled. Scores for partially played games will be based on the last completed inning. Games cancelled due to weather will count as a 1-1 tie score for each team. – No refund for rained out games.

19. HOME/VISITOR ASSIGNMENT: Home Team will be 3rd base dugout and Visitor will be 1st base dugout. Coin Toss to determine. Playoff Games would have the highest seed team to be Home. Exception, Host Field Team will remain in their home base dugout regardless of coin toss.


NOTE: It is the Coaches responsibility to know the rules and if determined needed, protest any issue BEFORE the game is completed. If it is brought up after the game ends, then would be for awareness and the tournament directors will deal with it separately with no adjustments of game results.  

Thank you for playing with USA Premier Baseball!

“If You Don’t Play With the Best, Why Play At All…”